Return to the Blog World

Hello there! So this is Lin, obviously not my real name, but it’s somewhat close. I’m pretty familiar with blogging, I had been on WordPress, that was where I wrote my music reviews and my occasional book review. The WordPress blog had the corniest name in the universe so don’t ask for it. I wanted this blog specifically for writing reviews on books. I have a Goodreads but that’s for short reviews in my opinion. So this blog will be dedicated to reading the word and writing the word. I will try to keep a stable schedule on this blog. I will have my To be read posts, my book reviews, my top 5 lists, and maybe even a post that contains a chapter of a manuscript I’ve been working on. Maybe a literary rant or two, let’s just hope this will be a blog that will run for awhile. However, I will be starting my first year of college in September, so who knows how much writing will get done, because I’m going to be juggling with this blog, my manuscript or novel, and my school work. Blogging shouldn’t be a job, it should be fun.