Movies: I Rarely Watch Them

Hello there, Summer has prevented me from keeping this blog somewhat alive. I’m also doing other things on the side and then there is the occasional funk that makes reading, writing, and blogging,  a sort of chore, a bore, and a total hammer to my hands and head. However, here is a new segment for this blog and it is, yeah, you know it because of the blatantly obvious title on top, movies! The one run-on sentence movie reviews, that I will make as pretentious as possible, close to the blurbs that you see on the back of novels, when you go book shopping or library browsing. So, I promise this will be the last sentence of back story or whatever, there will the occasional talk about movies on here. Let’s go now, stop stalling. EDIT: I added in genre tags.

Movies I watched in 2013 – 2014 (The ones I can remember or deem most memorable)

Hana-Bi (Fireworks) 

Directed by Takeshi Kitano 
Released: 1997
Country: Japan
Genre: Crime/ Thriller, Romance with a small dose of comedy, Yakuza film 
Language: Japanese (with English Subtitles)

An absurd and brutal Yakuza thriller, with sweet but distant love, and the bloodshed and artwork of life’s cruel fates. 


(I have actually reviewed this movie before but deleted it due to my lack of movie watching, because there was a section dedicated to movies.)

The Mudge Boy 

Directed by Michael Burke 
Released: 2003
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Indie 
Language: English

A sort of coming of age or maybe the confusion and pain of being an individual, young, and maybe just a bit clueless about oneself, a brave attempt at understanding at an age where everything seems so incomprehensible, frightening, and cryptic. 


Ip Man 1 and 2

Edit: The image of the English version poster of the second movie was broken. So I had to add a new one that is actually a wallpaper of the poster, then I actually found the poster and ended up deleting the wallpaper one. The picturedoesn’t want to cooperate, so now everything looks messed up over here. 

Directed By Wilson Yip 
Released: 2008 (Ip Man 1) and 2010 (Ip  Man 2)
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Semi Autobiographical, Kungfu
Language: Cantonese (With English Dub and Subtitles)

A kungfu epic that even the younger generation, who are sick of seeing the same kungfu frenzy generation movies, will love this  heroic gentlemen, as he punches through China’s brutal battle with history from World War II to Hong Kong’s British invasion.

5/5 (Ip Man 1)  3/5 (Ip Man 2)

A Public Ransom

Directed by Pablo D’Stair
Released: 2014
Country: United States
Genre: Noir, Drama, Indie
Language: English

A film of human ennui, immorality, and narcissism, where the mix seems to cause an inner and outer downfall, a collapse of a writer’s fantasy, the people around him, and his sense of reality. 


Donnie Darko

Directed by Richard Kelly
Released: 2001
Country: United States
Genre: Supernatural, Surrealism?
Language: English

Everyone knows this movie and I was the last one on Earth to see it. Not even going to bother.


Interview With a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Directed by Neil Jordan
Released: 1994
Country: United States
Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Based on a novel 
Language: English

Another movie everyone has seen. Tragic, bittersweet, a romance of darkness and the hope for lightness, but instead, eternal isolation, Tom Cruise is the perfect Lestat, so well performed, even more obnoxious and spiteful than the one in the novel, fits him perfectly. 


That’s all I can remember for now. More will come soon, if I watch anymore movies. Maybe the next Pablo D’Stair movie?

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