The Start of Bout of Books #1 (I proposed my own, I’m pretty sure there’s a special date for this)

Yeah this sounds really silly, but I’m making my own little one. Everyone in Booktubia is doing it. I don’t have a Youtube channel and I don’t plan on making videos of myself, so I will do it on this blog. There is probably a blog meme of this, but I’m not sure what it’s called. So basically what you do is read a batch of books and try to read as much as possible in a whole week. It’s probably too late, I should have started on Monday. Oh well. So I will tell you what I’m reading and then at night time, like at 11:00 PM or something, I will write how many pages I have read in a day. So cool right? This will give this blog some activity. 

1. The Secret of Evil by Roberto Bolaño 


Pages: 144
Genre: Literary Fiction, Spanish Literature
Format: Hardcover

I am 71 pages in, and have 73 pages left, I think. I used a calculator , I’m not sure if I calculated that right though. 

2. Best Behavior by Noah Cicero

Pages: 169
Genre: I don’t freaking know, I looked it up on Wikipedia, it’s apparently Transgressive Fiction, I think Existential fits better though.
Format: E-book 

I am 19% in and I need to read this because I borrowed it from the Kindle Library and my Kindle is an asshole and it doesn’t work very well. 

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