Book Review: Deadman Wonderland: Volume 1 by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou (Advanced Readers Copy)

Advanced Readers Copy Published by Viz Media LLC

Pages: 216
Genre: Manga (Graphic Novels), Science Fiction, Mystery
Format: Advanced Readers Copy E-book 

I haven’t really read much manga, especially now, but graphic novels have recently piqued my interest, especially since there is an area in my college library that is stacked full of them. What I love about graphic novels is that they’re quick, light reads, entertaining but yet the author can put so much amazing, meaningful, and mind blowing content in a matter of words and artwork. 

Deadman Wonderland was one of the first anime to premiere on the revival of Toonami, one of the few programs that show anime other than Adult Swim in the U.S. Unfortunately, like most good TV shows, I was unable to watch it and now with the streaming of TV shows online, people barely touch their TVs. 

I had seen the first episode of the series, but never read the manga until now. So the first volume was merely a refresher since it is exactly the same. However, it was still enjoyable. So what happens is the main character, Ganta Igarashi is in school, sitting among his classmates and friends, but then suddenly a ghost man dressed in a metal helmet and a cloak releases a red light or force field and murders everyone except Ganta. He is accused of the murder, proven guilty despite the lack of evidence, although the anime portrays the court having fake footage of a sociopathic Ganta killing his classmates. He is sentenced to death and sent to a prison called Deadman Wonderland where their are attractions and forms of entertainment created to fund for damages caused by an earthquake in Tokyo.

Deadman Wonderland is  pretty brutal, the characters are cold and desperate, committing every sin to survive the prison life they must live under. The crowd and everyone outside seems to be completely oblivious, living in their ignorant bliss. I feel like this manga is more than just a action, fantasy tale, it a bit of a commentary of our society who seems to be immune to violence and lack empathy for others.Violence has become nothing but a mere entertainment.

It’s a pretty enjoyable manga, interesting plot and some character develop has already occured since the main character was kind of a wimp and he just wanted to follow the rules and everyone else’s barking. Eventually he broke them all, not only does he want to live, but he also wants to stay human and keep his sanity.

                                                                     Rating: 4/5

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