Booking Through Thursday: Craziest Thing Done When Reading

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Booking Through Thursday is a WordPress blog that creates blog meme posts every week.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while reading? Walked the dog? Brushed your teeth? Cooked supper? Splashed in the waves at the beach?
And… were there any repercussions? Would you do it again?

The craziest thing that I have ever done while reading is straightening my hair with the straightening iron. I find straightening my hair a boring and tedious task, usually I play music on my IHome using my Itouch, but it’s still kind of boring. So one day I decided to bring out my Kindle and read on it while I style my hair. I mostly read physical books but there are a lot of e-books on my Kindle that needs to be read, so I get a lot of reading done on that Kindle every Saturday or Sunday after washing my hair. I have yet to burn my hair or skin off.

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