Book Review: Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One by Caleb J. Ross

Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One

Pages: 73
Genre: Short Stories
Format: E-book

Caleb J. Ross is not only an author, he is also a Youtuber, specifically a Booktuber, who makes amusing book reviews and rants. When I subscribed to his channel, I was sent a message offering free downloads of his short story collections on Smashwords.

I’m not going into insane details of these short stories like I did with Shifu, because most of the stories shared similar themes and were pretty short. However, that doesn’t interfere with the quality of the short stories. Murmurs is actually one of the few e-books that I finished reading without any troubles. A lot of the stories were very dark and disturbing since they followed a theme of domestic violence, quirky, depressed characters, self-injuring, suicide, and other oddities. Most of these stories consist of dysfunctional children who live in dysfunctional houses, or people who are into self-destructive activities. The darker stories have dysfunctional parents who don’t want their kids and would rather see them die. Al I can say is that most of these stories are dark, brutal, and real, a little too real except for the story about the vampire, which is my favorite one. Some of the stories are so out there and dark, that it seems it is almost as if the author is making a parody of depression, inhumanity, and the destruction of society. Maybe I worded that wrong but that’s my feelings on it. Born Again Michael has one of the most unique portrayals of a vampire I ever read, making it my favorite. Caleb’s s writing style is also pretty unique to me, his stories and everything aren’t similar to anybody I’ve read so far, so I’m looking forward to reading more by him.

                                                                       Rating: 4/5

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